Our Companies

Levitee Labs has established a profitable portfolio of integrated wellness assets to fund advancements in alternative medicine and psychedelic pharmacology.

MonkE Nutra

Monk-E is a premium functional mushroom nutraceutical company with curated artisanal mushroom blends designed to help the mind and body. A formulation is also in development which will include a psychedelic component and be sold in jurisdictions where it is legal.

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Sporeo Grow

Sporeo is a premium grow kit designer. Sporeo kits are functional art pieces that offer a transformative experience for consumers allowing them to grow artisanal mushrooms from the comfort of their home. Sporeo will also establish a direct to consumer platform which will offer all the necessary tools for small to medium size functional mushroom growing operations.

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Sporeo Supply

With key partnerships and distribution channels in place, Sporeo Supply plans to soon offer access to a centralized portal with the full range of required growing materials for consumers and large scale cultivation of mushrooms.

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