We are on a mission to enhance the wellbeing of society.

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Levitee Labs has the opportunity to elevate the human experience through innovating standardized pathways to alternative pharmacological solutions that are proven to provide improved wellness outcomes.

Financially-sustainable integrated wellness assets that are complementary to the evolving psychedelic industry
Leadership team brought together through diverse and extensive experience driving acquisition, development, formulation, manufacturing and direct-to-consumer distribution 
Defined route to capture nutraceuticals and superfoods market share to proactively elevate global wellness through ‘over the counter’ consumer packaged goods
Building an innovatory, standardized, and quality-controlled mushroom spawn and substrate cultivation facility 

Know the market

The Global Mushroom Cultivation Market is Projected to Grow at a CAGR of 4.0% from 2020 to 2025. The market is currently estimated at USD$16.7B in 2020. Further significant growth is expected due to factors such as increased R&D and growing awareness around the many health benefits of mushrooms; increasing per capita mushroom consumption; cost-effective production; a rising demand for healthier foods with multiple benefits from an globally increasing health conscious population.


Growing matters

The world has few fragmented companies within the psychedelic space that can accommodate, diversify and scale for the rising demand for psilocybin from consumers and institutions around the globe. Current regulations vary from region to region and are changing on a daily basis. The first countries able to capitalize on implementation of a strategy for psychedelic research and development are poised for large economies of scale for operations and economic prosperity.




Develop & acquire cash flow producing integrated wellness assets


Formulate proprietary natural compound blends for retail


Build standardized and quality-controlled spawn and substrate production facility


Manufacture & globally distribute retail assets at scale


Start clinical research trials through Scientific Advisory Board


Rapidly expand mental health clinics and pharmacies


Publish first clinical research trial results

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