Manifest Your Wellbeing

Levitee is transforming the traditional landscape of mental health, pain management, and addiction treatments through the inclusion evidence-based alternative medicines and psychedelic therapies within our growing integrative wellness platform.

Optimizing The Human Experience

This is the mission we are deeply rooted in at Levitee Labs. There exists a desire in humans to heal and be well. We want to empower the human will to improve and get better. 

The future of mental health care must include widespread access to alternative integrated wellness pathways. We envision people globally having the power of choice when discovering healing and wellness. That is why we specialize in developing and acquiring integrated wellness assets. 

We believe in leading change in the wellness and mental health landscape from the inside out. Levitee Labs assets will provide a wide range of curative wellness tools so everyone can experience not only mental and physical optimization, but also a reduction in symptoms related to a lack of integrated wellbeing.